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[IP] Cartridge Changes and 'Site' changes

Hi, everyone

It's getting very close to my first cartridge change. There is something the
trainer didn't tell me - I forgot to ask! - do I change the complete 'set'
at the same time? Or do I continue to use the existing 'set'?

Now if I use the existing 'set' what do I do?, perhaps put the little cap on
the end when I unscrew from pump and just hook it up again. Doing this might
introduce air, so do I 'prime' it all out? - this seems a waste of 20 units,
(I am using the 43" 'sets').

Perhaps all of you will think I'm a wimp, but I've done two site changes
since Wednesday, (one for 'time' expired, the other because it came out in
bed last night), both times it's been really painful pushing that 'huge'
introducer needle and canullar in. Is there anyway I can anesthetize the
site first with OTC products?


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