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[IP] Medicare and Pump Supplies

Don, Denise, et al. -

Interesting comments re Medicare payments, HMO's, etc.  Well, in my case .....
Medicare is my primary insurance with Regence/Blue Shield as my Supplement. 
Carrier.  Medicare does not pay ANYTHING...pumps or supplies.  My Suppl. Ins 
carrier pays only 50% of prescription DRUGS.  Pumps and or supplies are not 
included in this coverage.  I understand that Group Health and Aetna Golden 
Age has some coverage.  I should not have to switch doctors (my 
Endocronologist) to deal with physicians picked by someone else.  I deserve 
the best medical services available.  Right?  Therefore-------I am writing my 
Senators, have a Petition started for signatures of pumpers in my area and 
will again talk with my Supplmental Ins Provider.  I should not have to give 
up my pump as I have heard many people say beccause I am 65.  It is very 
costly.  I know of people who simply cannot come up with those funds for 
pumps or supplies.  This is my 2nd pump and I purchased them both before I 
turned 65, my Insurance payi9ng 80% of the costs.  I have had a good deal of 
success with my Disetronic Pump and am sure this is why I have been under 
excellent control most of the time.  It is a medical necessity for me, not 
just a way to live with more freedom.  I am 66 years old, 5'5" tall and weigh 
118 lbs.  I have 4 children (when giving birth was not an easy thing for a 
woman with Type I diabetes.)  Any ideas, suggestions regarding my attempts 
for assistance with payments towards the supplies beyond what I am doing now?

Anyone intrerested, I cann send as an attachment the Petition.  Mary Ann
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