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Re: [IP] weight-Susan

Help me and I'll help you.  I need a motivation buddy.  I have just switched 
to a 507 c and have in the last three months started really addressing my 
blood sugars, etc.  I find that I am so busy taking care of everyone else, 
that I neglect myself and my diabetes.  I too have gained some weight since 
working on getting my sugars under better control and am somewhat depressed 
about it.  In the last two weeks I have discovered three things.  If I am 
hungry (really with the munchies) if I brush my teeth, it makes me not think 
about food.  A piece of gum and a diet coke also helps and a red apple is a 
healthy snack, and leaves your teeth feeling clean so you aren't as tempted 
to munch again.


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