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Re: Re [IP] Good Service

< I had to buy the rest.  No free ride for us.  We are  on 
"loan" with the pump..kind of tough to pay for all the supplies til the 
insurance company makes up it's mind!!! >

In Australia, I am covered under top health cover, but the only thing my 
insurance will pay is for the pump itself. All supplies come out of my 
pocket. I don't know what the prices are overseas, but here I pay $172 for 12 
soft-sets, and $90 for 24 reservoirs. Add to that strips (I pay $12.70 for 
100 precision strips) and insulin (about $30 a month), the costs add up. But, 
all of that aside, I will never go back to MDI. The pump is just so much 
easier. My control needs working on, but it is improving. 
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