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[IP] weight

I've been watching this thread with some interest because I actually gained
weight upon starting the pump.  My A1C's pre-pump were in the 10.0 range -
which probably meant running that high that often caused me to lose a little
weight (I was shocked when my doc told me some idiots actually do this on
purpose to lose weight!!!).  Now that I am in much better control, I've
gained about five lbs.

I wish I had the will power some of you seem to have concerning snacking...
I hold little regard for when I am supposed to eat and just eat whenever...
sigh, still working on that one!  It is a bonus of the pump (to be able to
eat whenever and not stick to set meals/etc.), but also bad in the respect
that you CAN eat whenever and not feel guilty blood-sugar-wise about it.

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