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[IP] weight loss?

Dave wrote:

> Has anyone else lost weight after going on the pump?

I lost 12 pound sin the first three months I was on the pump, mainly due to 
writing down everything I ate and being too embarrased to write down fritos 
and oreos and then having to bolus for them.  Also, you no longer need to eat 
snacks to chase lows, and you are no longer taking 10 units for something 
that really only needed 9.2 so you are not over-insulinating yourself.

After the initial strictness wore off, I gained some of that weight back, and 
am currently trying  to be diligent again to lose weight.

If you noticved it before you went on pump, were you perhaps being more 
diligent about your injections or carb counting?  The month before I went on 
the pump, I started testing ALOT and weighing and measuring food and trying 
ot be very accurate about everything to prove to the doctor that I could 
handle the pump.

Many people experience weight GAIN when they go on the pump, because we can 
no eat all that crap that used to be labelled forbidden. We can now operate 
almost like normal people, and if we eat MORE than our body needs to keep us 
going, then it gets stored as fat...

Sara whose workouts are down to $5.15 each AND I have more than 600 frequent 
flier points on the stationary bike - wooo hooo!!! but who still wishes the 
weight of the pump would be enough to pull HER pants off her hips...sigh

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