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Re: [IP] For the ladies---Wear do you wear your pump?

I made my own waist band, a lot cheaper than Mini Meds.  I took thick elastic 
probably close to 2 Inches wide, and measured it around my waist, then I took 
a smaller piece of it and sewed it to the middle of the band, then I took 
some Bias tape and put a piece from the bottom of the little piece to the 
bottom of the piece that fits around your waist (this prevents the pump from 
falling out the bottom).  Then I put a piece of Biased tape over each end to 
keep the elastic from raveling, and then I sewed a suspender clip to one of 
the ends.  Works great especially when wearing dresses.  I had all of these 
things in my possession so it didn't cost me a thing, but I am sure if you 
went to the fabric store and purchased everything it would still be a lot 
less than the one Mini Med sells. 
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