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[IP] Re: ladies wear do you wear it?

Hey kathy, 
I am also tiny chested and therefore usually wear it on my belt.  I have
yanked it a number of times without any problems - my set always stays
and its really not a problem.  You will get used to, I promise.  It becomes
second nature with time.

For "special" occasions, I wear mine in my bra.  Believe me, I'm tiny
but it can work -  I use a Lily of France type push up bra or a miracle
bra and replace the pad on one side with the pump (make sure to remove
the clip).  If i am wearing a baggy shirt I can just hook it in the
center.  I usually wear it there around the house regardless of what
I am wearing.  Be bumpy, be proud ;)  Or as another pumper said before,
if they notice three breasts ()[](), they shouldn't have been looking
that hard!!!

Email me privately if you want!

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