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[IP] Hot-tubs

Hi everybody,

I have been reading a lot of postings lately with a hot tub slant, and
just thought I would re-share my experience with Erica in the hot tub.
She was not in a terribly long time, but she is blonde fair skinned and
when she came out her skin was flushed.  Anyway, about an hour after
exiting the hottub/pool at the resort, she was due for a site change.
The second I removed the introducer needle (Silhouette),the cannula
filled comletely with blood - just like sucking it through a straw!.
Oh, that was a fluke I thought, so we tried another one 40 mins later
and the same thing happened again.  Found out that the hot tub caused
her to be basal dilated (handy to have the endo on call).  All her blood
was flowing VERY well, and we just had to wait for all the redness to
disappear and her body to cool down.

Other people have had absolutely no problems with site changes after the
hot tub, but just in case there is another body like Erica's out there,
I thought I would pass along what happened to us.  As far as the Sil
staying while swimming and in the hottub, there was no problem.  We cut
a hole in Tegaderm and placed it over the site then reattached.  Worked
great for her. I guess we are lucky, as usually we have to practically
pull Erica off her feet to get the Silhouette off her.  That is after
showers, swimming and very sweaty outdoor activity.  Hope it stays that

Off to chase the kids!
Barb....Erica's mom....who is looking forward to a  footloose & FREE
summer vacation for the first time in seven years  Y A H O O!!   Y I P P
E E!!  W H O O P E E !!  Pumping....gotta love ya!

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