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[IP] Re:some anxiety

As a lurker here I need some advice at this point and
know that pregnancy has been a topic of discussion
before but as I get closer to trying I have a few
questions.  At this point my control is good - 5.4 A1C
and very rarely get over 160 or so, but there are
those occassions that I miscalculate a meal and get
higher but usually not above 220 2 hrs postprandial
and that happens very rarely.  I am always testing so
if it does happen i caorrect immediately.  Now lets
say I was pregnant - if this happened I wonder if
their are effects on the baby if I was high for a few
hours once and awhile. Am I trying to be too perfect,
is my anxiety unwarranted?  I would love to hear of
others experiences either on the board or privately at
email @ redacted  any info would be


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