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Re: [IP] Sport Guard, need help making good seal

> Does anyone out there use a Sport Guard. If so what is the best way to
> get a good seal.  With or without the P.Jelly?
Lily quit using hers about 3 years ago. But.... yes, you do use petroleum 
jelly around the inside lip. Once you get the pump inside and the clip 
around the thing it should stay closed. Lily's leaked a couple of times 
at in-opportune  times and it is bulky and inconvenient to use. She 
simply takes her pump off for water sports  and contact field sports. If 
it's an all day thing, she will check every few hours and bolus if 
needed. In the summer on the river, she will shoot some regular to cover 
her basal requirements during the day and hook back up to eat or snack.

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