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Re: [IP] Carb grams & hot tubs

> of "Pumping Insulin'' to be very helpful: exactly what percent of various
> foods is carbs, so you can weigh strawberries on a kitchen scale, for eg,
> and figure out EXACTLY how much will constitute 15g of CHO.
> I'm interested in getting a more complete list, if such a thing is
> available. (Many items, like blueberries, aren't on the brief list in
> Pumping Insulin.)
> Anybody know where I might find such a thing?
There are numerous books of that nature. They are usually subject 
specfic, for example -- fast foods, ingredients (flour, sugar, etc...) 
foodstuffs like bread, fruit, etc...

There is a good selection on the BOOKS page of the web site with a brief 
description of each. You will memorize most of these faster than you 
think. Many speciality items like the blueberries you mention can be 
gotten from the information on a frozen package at the supermarket. The 
values will remain the same per unit weight for each type of foodstuff 
although the portion size and thus cho per serving will vary from vendor 
to vendor ( again the cho per unit weight will be constant ). The list in 
the back of Pumping Insulin is one of the most comprehensive I've found. 
It can be photocopied (reduced) on the the front and back of a single 
8 1/2 x 11 sheet and folded to conveniently carry around until you 
memorize the various values. That usually will take 6 mo. to a year if 
you don't kill yourself with the memorization task.

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