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[IP] Sport Guard, need help making good seal

I got my Sport Guard from Minimed a little while ago and today I wanted
to run a test with it.  I took some old tubing and filled the clear case
with cotton balls then following the instructions that came with it I
put the tube through the hole and closed it and all looked good.  I was
going to submerge it for a few hours and see if the cotton balls stayed

But then the last instruction on the instruction sheet said to put a
thin coat of petrolium jelly on the lid and around the hole where the
tube goes through. So I opened it and did that, but now when I try and
put the while lid back in, it slips or pops right back up.  The jelly
didn't seal it, it just made it slippery so it won't stay down.

Does anyone out there use a Sport Guard. If so what is the best way to
get a good seal.  With or without the P.Jelly?

Thank you.

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