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[IP] Carb grams & hot tubs

I'm just two weeks onto a MiniMed507c pump, and counting carbs more ...
religiously than I ever did on MDI. I've found the few pages in the appendix
of "Pumping Insulin'' to be very helpful: exactly what percent of various
foods is carbs, so you can weigh strawberries on a kitchen scale, for eg,
and figure out EXACTLY how much will constitute 15g of CHO.

I'm interested in getting a more complete list, if such a thing is
available. (Many items, like blueberries, aren't on the brief list in
Pumping Insulin.)

Anybody know where I might find such a thing?

Also: Any experience w/ hot tubs? I'm using a SofSet Quick Release, but am
thinking the insulin would boil in the three inches of tubing that remains.
Can I assume that a Tender, for eg, that disconnects right at the skin would
be better? Or are there problems w/ that too?

Thanks. This list has kept me going these last two weeks.

Susan Ager
Detroit Free Press
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Detroit MI 48226
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