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RE: [IP] Good Service - Astonished!

> Boluses are another story though. I had to call my Endo this
> morning, because after only 1 bagel, (50g CHO) and 6 units for the
> bolus, bg's were over 250. Same last evening with just fries and
> chicken.  Anyway, my Endo has changed insulin to carb. ratio down to
> 5. It's certainly too soon to make much more comment on it - I guess
> I'm in a 'fine tuning' stage for a while yet and learn the correct
> bolus's like I had to do with MDI.

Keep good records and you should be able to determine your carb 
insulin ratio pretty closely by the amount you bolus + high bg bolus 
over a period of time. Also, read the HOWTO's on the web site.

Don't get upset about any single food sending bg's through the roof 
or making you low. Sometimes you just can't get it right AND the 
glycemic index varies from food to food so the insulin may peak early 
or late with respect to your digestion cycle for a particular 
foodstuff -- like bagels, drives Lily's bg's straight up --- 
sometimes!, but not always.......

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