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RE: [IP] Good Service - Astonished!


Well I went 'live' too with a Disetronic Loaner pump on Wednesday morning,
because both myself and the rep. thought that Cigna would take ages to
approve the 'real' pump.

Surprise, surprise, I had a call from Cigna this afternoon and told me I was
approved - that's just 5 working days since that got the paperwork. I didn't
do anything special, except call my company's, Cigna rep. every day. From
what I have read on IP, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule
for approvals. And like you, I purchased a box of infusion sets from
Disetronic for the 'loaner' - I only got 4 of the short sets with the
'loaner', far too short for me. So really I wasted my money - still you win
sometimes and lose sometimes and I definitely don't think I have much room
for complaint given the circumstances.

"How have I been getting on for the first 36 hours?"  
Well I think the basals look to be spot on, because when I'm not eating I'm
between 95-110, I've NEVER been able to do that with MDI. Boluses are
another story though. I had to call my Endo this morning, because after only
1 bagel, (50g CHO) and 6 units for the bolus, bg's were over 250. Same last
evening with just fries and chicken.  Anyway, my Endo has changed insulin to
carb. ratio down to 5. It's certainly too soon to make much more comment on
it - I guess I'm in a 'fine tuning' stage for a while yet and learn the
correct bolus's like I had to do with MDI.

My next challenge will be changing the set tomorrow. I did three practice
ones yesterday with my Endo and with all three, I ended up ripping out great
bunches of hair! - so I have to find something to dissolve the 'glue' first.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Fran, keep us informed how you got on with your first day and of course your
experiences with your insurance company.


		-----Original Message-----

		I just went "live" on Wednesday with Disetronic.  I too am
having difficulty 
		getting approval from our insurance company, so I'm using a
D loaner until we 
		get through this insurance process!  Hopefully, it will be
approved....I also 
		had to purchase the infusion sets out of pocket, but
understand that I 
		probably won't be reimbursed for it.

		Please share any info you get to fight these insurance

		p.s. Can't wait to hear your feedback once you start pumping
(now I know what 
		all the hype is about!!!)  You can keep MDI

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