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Re: [IP] Swimming with a cannula

> Paul Goedde asked about swimming with tenders.
> I can report that we have had good luck with our son (10 years old
> and swimming twice a day at camp) using the Silhouette Infusion Set
> with MiniMed's pump.
> Like you, Paul, we cut Tegaderm HP and put it over the set, but,
> before we do that, we put a coat of Skin-Tac, from Mason Labs, on
> the skin side of the Tegaderm HP. To get it off, you need Unisolve,
> but it usually stays on.  (Skin Tac is hard to find.  It's in a jar
> with an applicator, and it looks like thin rubber cement.  Try a
> place that has wound care supplies.)

Also try Tinture of Benzoine (aka gorilla snot for skin). This leaves 
a really good "tacky" surfact to apply the tape to. It's available at 
most pharmacies. It is used by athletes to when taping ankles and 
such to make sure the tape sticks when they are sweaty and moving 
around a lot. You may need Unisol, baby oil, or fingernail polish 
remover to get the tape off after using these kinds of preparations. 
But..... the tape will not come off in the water.


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