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[IP] Swimming with a cannula

Paul Goedde asked about swimming with tenders.

I can report that we have had good luck with our son (10 years old and
swimming twice a day at camp) using the Silhouette Infusion Set with
MiniMed's pump.

Like you, Paul, we cut Tegaderm HP and put it over the set, but, before we
do that, we put a coat of Skin-Tac, from Mason Labs, on the skin side of the
Tegaderm HP.
To get it off, you need Unisolve, but it usually stays on.  (Skin Tac is
hard to find.  It's in a jar with an applicator, and it looks like thin
rubber cement.  Try a place that has wound care supplies.)

We also found that, in the surf at the beach, we needed a tee shirt over the
cannula to keep it from being pulled out by the waves.  The same is probably
true for diving in a pool.

This plan saved us after struggling with other methods for months.  However,
nothing we have found works in a hot tub.

Good luck


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