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Re: [IP] weight loss?

Hi Dave!
	I also lost weight since starting the pump a little over 3 months 
ago.  I have lost about 10-12 pounds in about two months.  I know it has to 
do with the pump because I am more aware of my portions, so I bolus in the 
correct amount of insulin.  I also am not snacking as much and I'm not 
treating the lows that I use to have everyday.  
	I am also finding a problem with my clothes fitting.  My pants, 
skirts, and shorts are too big around the waist.  The pump definitely weighs 
the pants down.   I really need to buy some new clothes because of this, but 
I really don't have the money and secondly, I am afraid that I will gain the 
weight back and it would be a waste of money there.
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