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Re: [IP] weight loss?

Goodness David, you are very thin.  Is your doctor concerned with this
weight loss?  My son lost weight when he went on the pump, but he needed to.
 He is only 5' 7" and had gained weight treating lows while on injections. 
He was up to 183 at one time.  He is now about 167 and is very muscular so
this is a good weight for him.  If there isn't a medical reason for your
weight loss I would say you need to increase your caloric intake to prevent
further weight loss and possibly gain back some of the lost weight.  

>From: David C Breeden <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] weight loss?
>Date: Thu, Jun 24, 1999, 1:25 PM

>Hi Folks,
>Has anyone else lost weight after going on the pump?  I've gone from
>about 163 to about 146 in the last 2 months or so, roughly during the
>time period that I've had the pump.  I *think*, though am not sure,
>that I started noticing weight loss before going on the pump, so it
>may be unrelated.
>I wouldn't worry, but I'm 6' 2" or so, and am now at the point where
>the extra weight of the pump on my belt tends to pull down my pants.  :-)
>Dave Breeden                                          
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