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[IP] Frustration! Help me (insurance)

Ok everyone help me out here.  Taylor was diagnosed in March 99.  Today we had an endo appointment and asked about the pump.  Taylor's endo is more than happy to place him on the pump, very impressed about how often he checks his bg, and his first A1C was 5.2 (dx 9.4).  He also said he would make a fine individual to place on the pump, but (there is always a but) Blue Cross Blue Shield will not approve it until he is 12 so he won't even file for it.  I am so frustrated!!! Help me know what is the appropriate route to go to try and get this changed!! I do not want to wait until he is 12.  I even went so far as to say I would buy it myself, and his endo said no that way because of the financial burden.  Help me know what to do he wants the pump so bad, and I want him to have it.