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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems

> Michael, I loved your letter on insurance.  I agree with everything
> you said. 
>  All of what you said works with private insurance but not Medicare.
>   They 
> will not pay a penny for a pump or pump supplies.  What can be done
> or is anything being done about this.

That is a legislative issue that must be taken up with your 
representatives on a state by state basis until there are enough 
votes to change things as was recently done with test strips.  

A recent post by David Flagg <email @ redacted> 
to the list has the following info:
Just checked via the Internet (www.thomas.com) and nothing has been
done with the Bills that will change the rules for Medicare to pay 
for Insulin Pumps and supplies.  Please take a few moments to 
write/e-mail your representatives in Washington and tell them you 
WANT THESE BILLs PASSED. If you are on Medicare, or will be soon,  
you will be stuck paying for these things in the near future.  Please 
help all of us who are in that position now.

email @ redacted
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