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Re: [IP] Fast Take Meter & AccUtility

David -- don't give up.  Try different methods on different days.  When they
to send your old meter, say that you only have one meter and don't want to
without a meter for any amount of time.  That's what worked for me.  

If that doesn't work, tell them that you are currently using a different
meter -- say,
the one-touch profile, and that you would be willing to switch to Accuchek
if they
sent you a complimentary (dont say 'free') meter and software because your
requires you to send him downloaded meter data.

Tell them you test 8-12 times a day and are on an insulin pump, so they make
of money in test strips off of you.  Really these meter expenses are a drop
in the bucket
for them and these companies should not be charging us for them.  They're
just trying to
suck every dollar they can out of our disease.

Good Luck and don't give up, you deserve the best technology you can get to
manage your

>Same situation here, they say just send us your old meter, and use the
>rebate.  I want a BACKUP!  they say no.  I cant' get the software from
>Accucheck either.  I'v contacted them via email, web and phone, they always
>say no.  I guess some of you lead charmed lives, not me tho'.  :(

Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
email: email @ redacted

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