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[IP] Marathon Running

I have had IDD for 15 years and I've been running for 24 years. Since going 
onto the pump three years ago, I have run seven marathons including 
Boston('97 & '98), and New York('98). In my opinion, the key to a succseful 
marathon experience, aside from alot of training, is race-day Bg control. I 
have found it difficult to maintain a healthy Bg especially in the hours 
before the race start. The problem is that the body is well rested and the 
stores of glucose are "maxed-out." Also, the excitement and nervous 
anticipation while resting and waiting for the start can lead to difficulty 
in controlling Bg. The best approach for me has been developed the hard way! 
In my first two marathons, I responded to higher Bg's by giving a bolus 
incriment, which caused low Bg problems later on in the race. Last year at 
Boston I tried a new approach which worked to perfection for me. I woke at 
7am and checked in with a normal Bg. I increased my temp. basil rate to 180% 
which is a big increase and I gave a normal bolus delivery to cover my 
breakfast. I continued to carefully monitor my Bg and the high temp basil 
rate afforded me the ability to "graze" on food throughout the AM. At 30 
minutes before the start (12 noon start time), my Bg checked in at 106. I 
turned the pump off. I continued to drink gatorade, water, gel and power-bar. 
I tested eight times throughout the race (every 3-4 miles), and  kept the 
pump off until the 22 mile mark. My Bg stayed above 79 and was 131 at 22 
miles. In past races, my Bg would go very high at the finish of these races 
due to the sudden stop of running, the large amount of complex carbs onboard, 
and the excitement of running thru the finish line. At 22 miles, I turned the 
pump on at temp basil 60% and gave 0.6 unit bolus. My post finish Bg was 94. 
I felt great throughout and I ran 3:09.

My next marathon will be Team Diabetes Maui 2000 in March. I am the Delaware 
Team Diabetes trainer. Anyone interested in running in Maui, let me know.
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