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[IP] Tara and marathons

Tara, I ALWAYS now "prime" after disconnecting for even a minute.  I
disconnect for workouts for two hours and it usually takes at least .5 to .6
before I see a drop again - the same pretty much goes if I disconnect for
even a short shower.  It's annoying, but necessary in my eyes to be safe.
Marathon?  GO FOR IT!  Exercise (intense) takes a lot of work initially to
get "it" right.  also, contact the ADA - I saw an ad before that they will
provide you with a trainer if you decide to run a specific marathon for the
ADA in Hawaii I think.  I don't run (am just getting started), but do fairly
intense workouts daily.  Because it IS daily, the changes in basal
rates/carb ratios are "permanent" - if I stopped for a month, I'd have to
change, but once you are up and going no big changes are necessary.  I've
never been able to run and am starting to try, but its always been a dream
of mine to be able to accomplish something like running a marathon (I think
I'll shoot for a 5K first ;) ).

bottom line:  starting an new intense exercise program is hard - but its
like a hurdle - you work and work and work and try to figure it all out -
and once you do, 90% of the time it's "routine" and work outs okay.  yes,
your basals will change, yes your carb ratios will change, yes it's a pain
in the #$# in that change period, but it is so worth it!

(check out the international diabetic athlete association as well )

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