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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #231

>> This morning when I finished showering I went to connect my pump to
>> the Sil again and there was air in the tubing just below the quick
>> release thingee. I primed and it took 2 units to push it through.  I
>> know for a fact that there was no air when I disconnected, I checked
>> just prior.  Should I be placing the end of the quick release head
>> in a certain position?  If it's left pointing up will it
>> automatically draw insulin back?

	The easiest thing to to is just put the end on the sink and lay the
pump on top of it running normally.  This keeps them both at about the same
level.   If you do what Kristin does (below), when you bring the end back
to thelevel of the pump, fluid will run back into the tubing and you will
get a segment of air at the end.  That is not a good way to leave the pump.
BUT if it really took you 2 U to fill after a shower, then there must be
some other problem, because the tubing is not that distensible.   I can't
imagine this "level" business leaving much more than O.5 U worth of air.
Maybe you had a slight leak where the tubing connected to the syringe.

<I leave my pump running and on the dresser and let the tubing hang off
<the dresser, way below the level of the pump. I guess we have two tails?

* Wayne *

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