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Re: [IP] Anyone else have this problem?

Donna wrote:
> I think you misunderstood what Im talking about it is the portion (the sealed
> part) that is connected to me that is getting the bubble in it. I don't
> understand how that bubble is getting there. 

It sounds like the seal inside the connector isn't good. You may want to call
MiniMed about this, since a bad seal there could lead to leaks when the 
pump is moving insulin through it. That seal MUST hold the insulin under
slight though it may be, until it gets in you. Pressure in the upper hose that
isn't continuous through the lower hose isn't much good, though I suppose
the connector needle filling the hole in the seal may serve as a seal anyway.
Are you suggesting not to let the
> part hang, if so what do I do with it.  

The only good answer would be to tape the short tube on you pointed up.

I always prime before reconnecting but
> that doesn't do anything on that end just keeps air from the other end from
> getting in there.

You could try to replace the amount lost at the appropriate time, but that would
be VERY risky.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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