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Subject: [IP] Advice RE: Running Marathons

Re Running Marathons.  I have never run a marathon but I am a member of the
International Diabetic Athletes Association and I have found them an
excellent source of information re exercise and diabetes, especially when
it comes to endurance events.  I gave their address to a woman here and she
ended up running a successful marathon using information given to her by
other diabetic marathoners.  I have participated in a number of endurance
events, including 8 day cross country skiing trips, 5 hour stair climbing
events, scrambling up mountains in the Rocky Mountains here in Western
Canada. I find that for endurance events I often need to INCREASE my basal
rate.  Although most people find the the opposite everyone is different and
depends on where you are in the event.  My blood sugars often drop
initially but as the event continues, and the body uses stored fat rather
than glucose as fuel, I need more insulin to metabolize the fat.  I am very
excited about playing with my pump by using the temporary basal rate
feature to improve performance.  I had a mountain hike of over 3,000
vertical ft recently and I halved my basal rate for the duration of the
climb and it worked very well.  I think the pump will be great when I start
skiing again this winter but I know that everyone has to establish their
own profile for exercise and that it varies with the type, intensity and
duration of the exercise.  I suggest strongly that you contact the IDAA and
they will put you in contact with other diabetic marathoners in your area
or give you e mail addresses so you can contact them electronically.  They
have a webb page at http://www/diabetes-exercise.org. I would appreciate it
if you let me know how it goes as I am aslo considering doing a Marathon
once I learn more about how to handle this pump.  I have been pumpping for
three weeks now and I find my blood glucose levels are a lot more stable
than they used to be.  Other than the terrible costs involved I have no
hesitation in saying I think this is the closest thing to a cure that I
have seen to date.   

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