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Re:[IP] Anything Unexpected?

Paul -- my daughter, Amy, also went "live" on Humalog the day she started her 
pumping life. I will admit to being nervous, more so than she was I know. At 
least in our situation, and probably in many others also, I don't think 
nighttime lows are a huge concern. Sure, there is that chance, but many I've 
talked to have experienced the same thing we did at start up -- a basal rate, 
especially at night, that is a bit on the conservative side, in order to 
avoid those lows. Please, be prepared to set your alarm about every 2 hours 
the 1st few weeks, so you can get up and test. There is no better way to 
adjust the nighttime basals than frequent testing! And, once your body has 
rid itself of the long acting insulin completely, I think you will find a 
pattern fairly quickly for your basals. Amy was all tested and set by the end 
of the 1st week.
Best of luck on your start-up -- I'm sure we all will be thinking about you!  

Mom of Amy, pumping 1 year
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