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[IP] running marathons

Andrew, I have been running for 14 years. I am 48 yrs. old and I ran my
first marathon last Nov. Until then my longest runs were 12-13 miles. I
was not on the pump at this time.
By trial and error I found that I had to consume one pack of sports gel
( GU ) every 3-4 miles. This worked great for me.
Currently I am still running 8-20 miles. Since starting on the pump I
have had to make adjustments in my routine. I am checking my BG every 4
miles. I will consume a pack of GU if I am below 150. My FastTake has
really been useful for checking my BG. You will have to find out what
works best for you.
I am also using a temporary basil of .02 during and after my run. After
long runs my BG will continue to drop for 2-3 hrs. depending on mileage
Please remember to drink plenty of water. You cannot possibly forget to
keep taking in fluid every 15 min. or so along the way.
I hope to run the Chicago Marathon in Oct. and more in the future. I
encourage you to make the commitment and go for it. It is very
rewarding. Also gather all the info you can before getting started. Feel
free to e-mail me if I can help answer any questions you might have.

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