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Re: [IP] stevia

I use Stevia quite often.  The herb stevia is 150 to 400 times sweeter than
sugar, has no calories, doesn't cause tooth decay, and doesn't affect blood
sugar levels. Stevia has been approved by the FDA only labeled as a dietary
supplement, not as a sweetener. (Advocates consider this a red-tape
situation.) Extensive tests in Japan have determined it safe and it is used
widely in that country and in South America, where its been used for
centuries. It come in the form of powder and liquid and is available at most
health food stores.
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From: Sheila Sweat <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 10:08 AM
Subject: [IP] stevia

>Have any of you pumpers out there used the herbal sweetner stevia.  I
>visited with a friend over the weekend who uses it and of couse said
>"its not  sugar" so it won't raise my sugar.  I tried to expain it comes
>from a plant but no she did not seem to get it.  Anyway i thought i
>would try it to see and did not bolus anything for it and later my bg
>was over 200.  I looked on the yahoo search and infoseek and got a name
>of a researcher connected with the plant.  his response was that he is a
>plant person and can offer no info on carbs.  Do any of you use it and
>how do you count for it.  So much for my friend whose husband is
>supposed to be watching his carbs. Sheila
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