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[IP] Advice RE: Running Marathons

I'm considering a new challenge:  joining the "team diabetes" in a 
marathon run.  I've been pumping for 5 years and have reached the 
point where maintaining pretty good A1c's with few reactions isn't 
hard.  However, since I started on Humalog when it became available, I 
put on weight ("hey, wow--I can eat that stuff and not have to take my 
insulin 1/2 hour ahead of time").  I've run on and off over the years, 
but have found that since getting diabetes it really messes up my 
blood sugars to exercise that intensely.  Old basal rates become 
useless.  Carb ratios change.  Seems like you're back to square one on 
everything.  It is easier to be a little fat and lazy, with regards to 
blood sugar control.

I'd like to train for a marathon, because it will give me a goal that 
I can work toward consistently, help me to establish life-style 
changes of regular and intense exercise, and it will help raise $ 	for 
the ADA and would be a great personal challenge.  I've spoken with my 
endocrinologist, she's behind me and will work with me on adjusting my 
insulin.  However, my wife is less than thrilled about the time 
commitment and the demands of daily training.

So here's the question:

Anyone been there and can share their experiences?  How did you manage 
the training?  How was your blood sugar control/how long did it take 
to get things back to normal--or did you ever?

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