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Re: [IP] Insurance - Need Advice

"Jennifer G." wrote:
> The issue I'm having trouble with, is that the insurance company is telling
> me that pump supplies would need to be filed under my medical insurance as
> "durable equipment" in order to be reimbursed.  That might not be a problem
> ordinarily, but my lifetime cap for durable equipment is $10,000.  My
> insurance company uses a mail-order service for medications/supplies which
> are replenished (insulin, syringes, and test strips are included).  However,
> the mail-order company tells me that insulin pump supplies are not covered
> under our plan.

Yes, they usually aren't covered as supplies, but as Durable Medical Equipment,
(or DME). You will almost certainly have to mail order them separatly and have
the supplier forward bills to your carries, but you need to pre-arrange the 
connection first, before ordering anything.

> I hate to just roll over and play dead with this--particularly since I am
> the first pumper that the insurance company has dealt with under my
> employer's policy.  I don't want to be responsible for setting a bad
> precedent for other pumpers who follow after me.  I'm just not sure what my
> rights are at this point.  Can anyone out there who has had to deal with
> insurance company bureaucracy give me some advice as to how I might be able
> to get the insurance company to provide me with the mail-order service for
> my pump supplies? 

It's really too specialized for them to handle, and they will refuse to. 
Unfortunately that's how the rules go, pump supplies are DME....

Ted Quick
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