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[IP] Insurance - Need Advice

I'm dealing with the issue of pump supplies with my new insurance company 
right now.  I acquired my pump under a prior plan and received a years' 
worth of pump supplies from Minimed.  Within that years' time, my employer 
switched to another health care provider.  I am in a plan that has a 
"network" of providers.

The issue I'm having trouble with, is that the insurance company is telling 
me that pump supplies would need to be filed under my medical insurance as 
"durable equipment" in order to be reimbursed.  That might not be a problem 
ordinarily, but my lifetime cap for durable equipment is $10,000.  My 
insurance company uses a mail-order service for medications/supplies which 
are replenished (insulin, syringes, and test strips are included).  However, 
the mail-order company tells me that insulin pump supplies are not covered 
under our plan.

I hate to just roll over and play dead with this--particularly since I am 
the first pumper that the insurance company has dealt with under my 
employer's policy.  I don't want to be responsible for setting a bad 
precedent for other pumpers who follow after me.  I'm just not sure what my 
rights are at this point.  Can anyone out there who has had to deal with 
insurance company bureaucracy give me some advice as to how I might be able 
to get the insurance company to provide me with the mail-order service for 
my pump supplies?  This makes more sense to me considering these are 
supplies not equipment, and they need replenishing on a regular basis.

Thanks for any help!!


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