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[IP] Search capability

> There is an excellent post on what Charcot's Foot is.  It is from
> Bob Burnett and is dated 5/21/99.  The subject is Charcot's Foot. 
> It contains info from the ADA.  You can find it by going to the
> website and clicking onto the mail from May.
Just a note to all of you about the search engine on our web site.

All the mail messages are indexed and searchable starting with 
archives from Sept 97. the index is updated nightly so it is 
always current up to the previous day. In addition to an index for 
all the IP faqs and howto's there are current indexes that are 
updated regularly for all the major diabetes sites in the world. A 
few as examples are ADA, JDF, NIH, New England Journal of Medicine, 
Joslin Center, misc-health usnet group Diabetes FAQ, and many many 

You can perform a topic or word search for almost anything diabetes 
related in a couple of seconds on ALL of these sites in one fell 

If there is something you want to know about, no matter how obscure 
or technical, you're very likely to come up with multiple documents 
from the Insulin Pumpers search engine.

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