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[IP] my poor eyes

enise wrote:

> I have had laser surgery on 9 different occasions to my right eye.[SNIP]
>  The [bleeds] seem to be a lot more frequent lately though. My eye
> Dr seems to give me the impression that there is no more that can be
> done,unless the bleeds are so bad as to warrant a vitrectomy. Everything 
> I have read about this operation scares the living crap out of me! 


I am in your boat.  I had multiple ongoing bleeds despite laser in my left 
eye and despite VASTLY improved control than the first 20 years of diabetes.  
Finally though, the eye doc said it was time to do a vitrerctomy, that the 
blood in there was not gonna clear out on its own.  So I had it in 1994.  In 
that eye, I have ben fine ever since, other htan limited peripheral vision 
and slighlty doule vision that resulted after the cataract was removed.  

My right eye started bleeding in 1995, and continues to depsite lots of laser 
and continued excellent care of bg.  You need to find out from your doctor:


I have not had new growth of vessels in either eye for several years, thanks 
to the improved control, however, as my doc explains it to me, the vitreous 
in your eye will NATURALLY separate from the retina.  it happens to 
non-diabetics as well.  And NO, I do not need additional laser.  IF, like me, 
you have had your vitreous "stapled" so to speak, to the retina, then when it 
pulls away, it will tear and bleed - sort of like when you pick a scab...This 
is not MORE retinopathy, or more neovascularization (neo = new, vascular = 

I can't see, pardon the expression, SHIT, out of my right eye, but my doctor 
says if I was his sister he would not recomend that I have the vitrectomy 
until I feel my life is so compromised that i can't stand it.  I can work, i 
can do most of the things that make my life "life" though reading and 
needlepoint gives me a headache cuz I have to squint to get rid of hte double 
vision in my only seeing eye, but NO my lifestyle is not yet so bad that I 
want to RISK a vitrectmy.  Yes, by all accounts, my first one was a success 
and YES he says that I am in excellent shape to have another successful 
one...but there is always that chance.  So as long as I can hold out and see 
if the eye clears on its own, as it always has in the past, then I am NOT 
gonna get the vitrectomy.  He says the pulling and bleeding htat is happening 
now is kinda like my body doing it's own virectomy..once it is all pulled, 
and as long as there is no new growth, and once it clears, I should be fine...

If you search the archives, you will find very detailed things I have written 
about the actual process of a vitrectomy...or write me and I will see if i 
still have it...DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask your doctor questions!!!  Don't be 
passive about this.  Get the info and get the vitretomy if he and your second 
opinion doctor thinks it is time!

> with the symptoms I am exhibiting, does it seem inevitable that 
> I will have to have this operation eventually? 

maybe, but dont worry about it too much...IF for whatever reason it is not a 
success, they can do them again.  Vision is something very few people really 
appreciate - until they are faced with this possibility....Sometimes they do 
NOT work...but dammit, wouldnt you rather be able to say I DID EVERYTHING I 
COULD, instead of OH I WISH I HAD....20 years ago, you mihgt just have had to 
say "oh well" I am gonna be blind..but it is like everything else wiht 
diabetes....YOU have to FIGHT!!!  don't cowre from your doctors...and if you 
need one, GET A SECOND OPINION!!  Insurances LOVE second opinions if it saves 
them from a $15,000 operation (or whatver they cost)

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