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Re: [IP] Time to start calling the Congresscritters again

On 23 Jun 99 at 10:50, David C Breeden wrote:

> For what's worth, from what I understand of the ruling, the exception
> you gave (of a wheelchair user) is one of the few cases to which the
> ADA would still apply.  From what I understand, the court said that 
> employers are allowed to consider whatever measures have been taken to
> correct the disability, so if that correction makes the person
> essentially non-disabled (like in the case of glasses), then the ADA
> doesn't apply.  For a wheelchair user, that's not the case.

A lawyer was talking on the local NPR station this morning and quoted from the 
ruling about "correction".  His take on it was that this included a wheelchair 
or prosthesis...  and since he's known more for being "corporate friendly" or 
a "business advocate" against people trying to use the ADA I'd tend to believe 
that his take on it is what companies will try to apply.   Other sources 
indicate that this means that people cannot request a five minute break 
mid-morning to check their bg - if they need that kind of accomodation they can 
be fired because they aren't disabled...  

> In any case, it sucks big time for us.  :-(

That's why we need to start kicking the congresscritters...  right in the vote 
count where it hurts!

Randall P. Winchester
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