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Re: [IP] Basal and Bolus - terminology

>Could someone just quickly tell me what  the terms "Bolusing" and "basal
>rate" are? I am trying to learn but am still unclear.

A "bolus" is the insulin you give to cover food.  It is programmed by the
pump wearer to match the amount of carbohydrate in the food.

"Basal" insulin is the background insulin every human needs to keep blood
sugar levels stable.  This is usually a small amount of insulin.  Pumps
deliver it by giving a certain amount (unique for each person) per hour.
One person may need different basal rates for different times of the day,
and therefore have several different basal rates.  The MiniMed pump
delivers basal insulin in one-tenth unit increments divided evenly over the
course of an hour.  For instance, a basal rate of .4 would mean one tenth
of a unit every 15 minutes.  The Disetronic pump takes the basal rate, does
some math, and delivers a very small amount every 3 minutes.
Hope this answers your question.

Mary Jean

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