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[IP] Time to start calling the Congresscritters again

Yesterday the Supreme Court in a burst if irrationality threw out the ADA...  
Now you can be fired for wearing glasses, taking high blood pressure medication 
or taking insulin if your employer thinks these things might possibly hinder 
your performance...  no more protection for anyone taking medication, needing a 
prosthesis or even requiring a wheelchair...  by their ruling that you are not 
considered disabled if you can possibly hold any type of job they have gutted 
the intent of the law.   

I can see it now - a person in a wheelchair applies for a job and is told that 
their application won't be accepted because they are in a wheelchair... now 
because they could possibly hold a job (hypothetically) as a doorstop they now 
have no recourse against an employer who refuses to consider them for a job 
they are qualified for and could do because the employer doesn't want any 
wheelchairs in the office...

We need to start flooding our congress critter's offices with letters, phone 
calls and also encourage everyone we know to do the same...  remind them that 
this type of issue is important and the next election isn't that far off...


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