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[IP] Re: One Touch II vs. Profile

I don't remember who asked about the One Touch II vs. the One Touch
Profile, but here goes my comparison.

Background:  Used a prototype One Touch, updated to commercial release
of One Touch, updated to One Touch II, then updated to the Profile a
year ago.  

Why I switched:  
1. Batteries:  Profile takes AAA, One Touch II takes J battery I
believe. If my profile dies I can borrow batteries from my TV remote
until I have to go to the store.  Plus AAA are cheaper around me.

2. Memory Options:  I am terrible about writing down my numbers,
insulin, etc during the day.  The profile memory readout has a clock
that tells you the date, time of day(24hr or AM/PM).  You can put in the
amount of insulin and type of insulin you took at that time if you took
any, and tag it as a pre or post breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime,
hypo, pre/post exercise, etc.  It is great if you write things down at
night or use the software to print them out.

3. Color: Silly I know, but the off white of my One Touch II was
starting to make me feel old. 

4. My profile came with a softcase that isn't much bigger then the
machine but has a spot to hold the lancet device and a vial of test
strips.  Very handy to keep them together.

5. Bgs have been very consistant between both machines.  I have been
using One Touchs so long that I have adjusted how I treat things by the
numbers I get out of them.  When I hear about the machines that have
higher result numbers, such as the FastTake, I get scared that I would
not treat a reaction that needed to be treated right away.  Such as I
had a 55 on my Profile and a 75 on someones FastTake.  The 55 I would
treat right away, but the 75 I would think was normal. Blah blah

Hope that helps.

-- Sherry
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