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RE: [IP] (Fwd) Glucose Sensor

The question was from someone who was about to order a Disetronic pump. She
wanted to know if the new sensor is able to communicate with present Minimed
pump, or this is a feature they will be able to turn on in the future. I do
not think Minimed have it in their present models, so why to change any
decisions based on remote future connection between a future pump model and
a future sensor model?


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On 17 Jun 99 at 8:13, Kornfeld, Avner wrote:

> My understanding is that the glucose sensor is a stand alone product,
> independent of the pump. It is just a measurement device. You will have to
> wear a pump with its own infusion set and a separate glucose sensor with
> own 'infusion' set. No communication between the pump and the sensor, at
> not at this stage. 
> In the future there will probably be a closed loop feedback from sensor to
> pump.
> So, you do not have to consider the sensor when you choose the pump.

Unless you want them to be able to communicate when the loop is closed... I 
doubt if Disetronic would want to build a pump that would communicate with 
MiniMed's sensor.  Part of the issue is the patents and licenses on the 
algorithms implimented in hardware and software that are required to close
loop.  Whoever develops those will have a lock on them for a while since
paid to create them...  and even if Disetronic embarked on a crash project
create a pump that would communicate with the sensor you get into the normal

time delay on any major project.  It could take years for them to get one to

market, not counting the time they would spend trying to reverse engineer
interface...  and depending on how the control systems are divided they
end up having to totally rework their pump to make it act more like a 
MiniMed...   It's just like the computer interface standards - you can buy a

USB device, plug it into a USB port on your computer and discover that just 
because both of them are "standard" USB devices they are not guaranteed to
properly or reliably together...  and there isn't a "pump communication 
standard" to even try for....

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