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MTM's successful eye surgery (was)Re: [IP] Denise and vitrectomy

    If anyone saw Mary Tyler Moore on Larry King's show Monday night talking 
about the JDF Children's Congress, she states that she was nearly blind & 
now, after vitrectomy, sees better than she has since she was a teenager. I 
met her 2 years ago in Washington, DC when Melissa and I were invited to 
"witness" Pres. Clinton siging the Diabetes Initiative Bill in August '97. We 
couldn't help noticing that her dear husband literally had to take her by the 
elbow as she approached a curb & whisper that she had to step down, so I know 
she wasn't exaggerating about how bad things were. What was so encouraging 
thus is how successful the surgery was for her, even though YMMV as we all 
    By the way, if anyone wants to read the profiles of the 100 kids who 
attended, here's the link: 
<A HREF="http://www.jdf.org/promise/index.html">The First JDF Children's 
Congress, June 20-22, 1999
</A> The most heart-wrenching one for me was the Alabama family with 3 
diabetic kids: 8 year old twin boys dx'd at 4 months and 5 months of age and 
a 12 year old daughter( not sure when she was dx'd). Hopefully their message 
was heard loud & clear during the 30 minutes allotted by the Senate Hearings 
to diabetes research funding.

Regards, Renee
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