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[IP] Denise and vitrectomy

HI Denise
I have had countless laser treatments to both eyes forproliefrative
retinpathy in the last two years. I had lots of bleeds in my right

In October I woke up one morning to find I couldn;'t see out of my
right eye at all. Everything was black. After a couple of days it
turned slightly red and I could see a few chinks of light through
it. I went back to my eye Dr and they decided to do a vitrectomy to
clear the blood out of my eye. They warned me that there was potential
for things going wrong and that it was possible I could lose the sight
in that eye, but that if they didn't do it I wouldn't have any sight
in that eye anyway, so  I didn't exactly have much to lose!

WIthin a week I was in hospital and had the op done. It really wasn't
that bad. I was only in hospital for 3 days. The operation took about
5 hours, but they also did some makor laser treatment while I was
under. Afterwards my eye was badnaged up for a couple of days and then
they took them of and I could see again! It took a couple of weeks to
get back my sight. It didn't hurt that much, just scratchy from the
stitches, although my eye looked rather nasty for a while! I had to
take things easy and not move around  much for a couple of weeks and
stayed off work for a week (I work with computers). 

Since then I have only had a couple of minor bleeds to that eye and
amazingly the sight has not deteriorated any more.

I am now in the same stage as you with my other eye. They can't do any
more laser treatments (to either eye) and the sight is going. They
said the same thing - they could do a vitrectomy at some point if
necessary. It bleeds intermittently but all they are doing for now is
keeping an eye on it.

So as I see it, the bottom line is this. They won't do a vitrectomy
unless they have to because there are potential risks. However, if it
becomes necessary to have it done, it won't make things any worse
(because by that point you haven't got much left) and
it may well make them better. it seems to help stop the bleeds happening
once you've had it done.  It certainly has helped my right eye.

hope this helps.
Hang in there, Denise. I know just what you're going through. I was
**** scared about the vitrectomy but it turned out fine.
Mail me if you want to know more.

mailto:email @ redacted

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