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Re: [IP] New insurance problems


Unfortunately, my experience was the same as yours -- I couldn't find
anything that I could actually afford.  States do have "high risk" plans,
but they are very costly (with the pump, the cost at the time -- 1987-93)
for monthly medical expenses would have been between one and two times my
rent which would have about equaled my total income after school expenses).
The deductibles are very high as are the co pays.  If you're income is
reasonably high, this is good emergency insurance.  It might as much as
halve the cost of monthly medical expenses.  I called the State of
California looking for an answer to this problem years later when the Cobra
I had was expiring and they basically told me that if I gave up my apartment
and had kidney failure in 45 days Medical would cover me.  In the end, my
husband and I snuck out 3 months before the wedding we were planning and got
married at city hall since he had just acquired a policy that would cover
spouses without conditions.   I keep hoping things may have improved a
little in the last few years, but I don't see many signs.

A few things to try:  Private Universities sometimes have group policies for
students or student coverage that will make allowance for you (depends on
the type of college here -- 4 year liberal arts types like Oberlin,
Stanford, etc fall into this category).  Large state universities sometimes
offer students partial access to "extra" medical stuff and you can negoiate
with local doctors.  Then you will only have to cover supplies.  The last is
to join a group that has a membership policy.  Academic associations (by
discipline) like the Modern Language Association sometimes have these
although some require you to be a grad student and all require a membership
fee.  Some religious organizations or other such large groups (usually the
kind with a national base) have these kind of group policies too.

Best of luck,


Brian Rhodes wrote:

> I need advice from someone here...
> I am having to find a health insurance company to keep me on the pump.
> I was included previously on my father's health insurance, but I've come
> to find out that
> it is no longer available to me.  I am 19 years old, a part time student
> / part time employee.  I don't work enough hours, nor am I eligible for
> coverage under my company's HMO.  The school offers no health plan
> either.
> Am I faced with denial of coverage unless I stop school and get a full
> time job?  The COBRA's will run out, and all the insurers I've called so
> far have designated me a "HIGH RISK" case.  I take better care of myself
> than most of those already insured, but
> can't shake the diabetes stigma.  It spooks those insurance reps
> something terrible.  :(
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