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Re: [IP] getting braces

Robin wrote:
>My son has been on the pump for 7 weeks now and doing WONDERFUL. He just 
>found out he is getting braces next week. (lucky him). Do you know if the 
>pain will make his bg rise? Anyone have any experience with it? I'd like to 
>be prepared. he gets the "spacers" this weekend.


The pain in and of itself shouldn't cause any bg problems.  I had two
fillings yesterday.  Numb face, toothache afterward, bg stayed stable the
whole afternoon.  However, if he feels a lot of stress about the braces,
the stress may have an effect.  Try to approach it with a calm attitude and
hopefully, things will be OK.  And just remind him of what a great smile
he'll have when it's all over.

Mary Jean

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