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[IP] Re: Test Strips- Any Bargains

Thanks Jen. I too paid Cobra til it ran out last December and now it's been real tough just trying to buy 'all the garbage' I need to finance my disease and I just cannot find ANY resources for pump supplies and test strips.  I remember my early days without strips when I just did urinalysis.  I can't imagine how my HA1c's would've been.  What seemed normal at the time later turned out to be a lot of highs and a few way lows. I have seriously considered 'giving up' my pump for a couple of years as supplies, etc. are just out of reach financially - that is if I want to pay the rent and eat! Sad, sad world sometimes methinks.  I have contacted my endo about coming in to discuss going back on MDI (I wrote him) I know he got the letter but so far he hasn't contacted me.  Pretty scary.  But it won't be forever, and these few years of freedom have given me the will that will help me find my way back to 'pump haven' sooner rather than later.  I too have been on the path to self emplo!
yment (Web Page Design) but it'll be awhile before I'll be back in the bucks I'm afraid.  What a nightmare (and I thought the stress of having a job was bad!)  So I sympathize with your concerns Jen and hope the rest of you pumpers are out there thinking up ways we as a collective group can stockpile some supplies for a future hedge against catastrophe for ALL of us.  Any grant writers out there?
I like to think that we - as a group- 1300 strong and growing- might be able to work out a deal with MiniMed and Diesetronic, LifeScan and Accucheck.  This is a serious issue and an all too real one.  I've gone from middle management, okay job with decent (not great) insurance to NADA - and every test strip and bottle of insulin adds up.  I'm afraid I've just slipped through all the cracks in the system and am gonna be out here with my ##$% hanging in the wind with nary a needle in site!  Or worse yet, getting awfully sick and maybe even -  well let's not get into my fears- that way lies madness.

Actually I just wanted to thank you Jen for your support and here I am going on and on about my own stuff. Sorry.  Hang in there.  And before the COBRA bites itself and dies make sure you get all those tests, like the liver and kidney functions, so that you can skip em for a year if you have no problems.  When does your policy expire?  I have other ideas that might help you if worse comes to worse.  Keep in touch. - And get that business off the ground, eh?


 ---- On Jun 20 Jen Woodall <email @ redacted> wrote: 
> Dianne,
> I couldn't agree more about the need for research and resources for those of us in need of affordable supplies.  It may be more of an issue for me quite soon, as I'm newly self-employed and currently paying out of pocket for coverage under COBRA.  When that runs out, I'm not sure what I'll do for insurance/pump supplies/etc.  I'm certainly interested in any possibilities.  I think the list is a wealth of creative, resourceful, informed minds and that we should be able to either find, improve, or invent something!
> Jen
> email @ redacted wrote:
> > Thanks Jen. I did post this to the list and I've found lots of pharmaceutical companies that have "Medical Needs" programs, but test strips aren't covered by them.
> >
> > When I come out of this tailspin, I will organize some sort of resource for other diabetics in this predicament. Any ideas you might have on that score would be welcome. I'd especially like to hear from any CDE's out there.  Ted?  Rhonda?  (And of course, Sara, who is not a CDE last I knew, would probably have something to say. Ditto Michael (I hope)  Come on guys, you know it could be any one of us, eh?  And as you know this is an expensive disease to operate.  I never thought about it much, as I've always had medical insurance, and I was always working- ever since I was dxed in 1963.
> >
> > Looking forward to hearing from you all on how we might set up a depository for pump supplies and test strips.
> > As I mentioned earlier, Diesetronic and Lifescan paid just a token homage to such needs for me.
> > Sign me,
> > Thinking in Arkansas,
> > Dianne
> >
> >  ---- On Jun 19 Jen Woodall <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > > Dianne,
> > > Hi.  I know there are some online resource sites about how to access free/discounted medication, but I don't know if that includes strips.  I will try to see what I can find.  Post the question to the list also, since others may have suggestions.
> > > Jen
> > >
> > > email @ redacted wrote:
> > >
> > > > Greetings-
> > > > I use about 300 strips per month too - more if I'm doing poorly- and I have pharmacists 'blinking' all over the US!?
> > > >
> > > > Since I've become disabled, lost my insurance and am not considered eligible for Medicaid or Medicare (I make too much money on my $900. disability check!- about $500 now goes for diabetes related drugs and supplies and I'm in desperate need of finding any way to get $$ off on test strips - or better yet, getting some gratis, if possible.  Any ideas on what I might do?
> > > > (PS  I called Lifescan and they graciously sent me 50 strips - which will last me about 5 days!)
> > > > Dianne email @ redacted
> > > >
> > > >  ---- On Jun 16 Jen Woodall <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > > > > > From: Katherine Esposito <email @ redacted>
> > > > > > Subject: [IP] Testing and strips
> > > > > >
> > > > > > My doctor upped my prescription to 150 strips a month, and insurance
> > > > > > blinked a little. But the truth is, I can't test much less than seven
> > > > > > times a day.  What do others do? I see my PA on the 22nd  and I am debating whether to ask
> > > > > > for 210 a month.
> > > > > > Kathy
> > > > >
> > > > > By all means, ask!!  I test 8-12 times per day.  My CDE/endo wrote the prescription for 300
> > > > > strips/month when I started using the pump.  I have used 2 different insurance companies
> > > > > since then, and I have never paid a cent for strips.  They are covered under my major
> > > > > medical.
> > > > > Jen
> > > > >
> > > > >
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