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[IP] Charcots ankle??

I am sure a few of you remember awhile back when we were discussing Charcots
syndrome, and I wrote in with a few symptoms I was concerned about. Well any
how, I have a new problem, this time with my ankle. It just started to swell
last Friday, and continued, then went into my foot. I did not injure it in any
way that I'm aware of. I don't believe it was an infection, as I was already
on Augmentin for an infected finger. Well today I went to the Drs and they
sent me for xrays. I'm still waiting on the results, I guess I'm not supposed
to worry about walking on a possibly  broken ankle til they say so. My
question is, does this condition also effect the ankle? I have an appt with a
foot specialist, but it is not til July 2nd. Also , will a regular xray show
if it is Charcots? Thank you for any help here!
dxd 1971
pmpg 6/97

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