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Re: [IP] Catering for fat


When the Disetronic rep did the demo of their pump for me,
he showed me a way to simulate the MiniMed Square Wave.  He
programmed in a temporary basal rate which automatically
lasts 4 hours (I think).  If you want it to end sooner, you
have to remember to cancel it.  He also showed how to set a
temporary basal rate that would increase the insulin for 12
hours (I think) for sick days, etc.  Again, you have to
remember to cancel it if you want a shorter time frame. 
You might want to get hold of your Disetronic rep or CDE to
find out more about doing this.

Good luck.


--- Katherine Esposito <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well, I use a Disetronic and I've cut most cheese out of
> my diet. Ihear
> the Minimed pump boluses nicely for cheese, but I don't
> have one and I
> find life simpler without cheese. I have found some low
> fat varieties. 
> I can eat chocolate now, so maybe it's a wash. It does
> seem to be
> cheeses and higher fat meats that cause the effect: high
> BGs two to
> three hours later. 
> Kathy


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