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[IP] Another theory about set change problems: Too thin???

I have waited to report back on my experiments in the Set Change arena.
I  decided to try an IP-er's suggestion, to bolus two units following a
change, and it worked very well the first day, but I knew that good
things don't always last. So, I decided to follow the courses of three
or four changes before reporting back.

Today's change (on the day I see my doc-yes!) advanced to the right of
my bellybutton. And, coincedentally or not, this site seems to give me
the most problems. This is the same site (or within one inch) that
prevented me from going camping for hours and hours until my BS's

I am very thin, but I didn't think I had any scar tissue. I've been
pumping since December. Of course, I haven't eaten yet today (it's now
2:30 pm) 'cuz for some silly reason- being sarcastic here- I prefer to
be stable before I do! So this doesn't help the weight problem any. At
any rate, my BS's have risen steadily all day and stood at 290 a short
while ago despite a six-unit bolus two hours before (was lower then)
plus careful attention to bolusing for coffee cream this morning, AND a
2-unit bolus at 6:15 upon insertion.

I just gave myself 8 units by injection and changed to the site to
behind my right hip where the fat is greater. I use 6-mm Rapids.

I have very little fat on my tummy, which is nice for clothes but does
anyone think that it can inhibit insulin absorption?

Help! Kathy 
P.S. The stress level was less than before, however, which I attribute,
happily, to all the great helpful people on this list. I printed out
some thoughts sent to me and taped them to the inside of my kitchen
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