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Re: [IP] Glucose test without the finger-prick

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 6/22/99 10:47:59 AM Central Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> << sends tiny 
>       electric currents into the skin...>>
> This glucowatch sounds GREAT.  This is exactly what I want, BUT what is the 
> result of electricity running through me continuously?  I know I will be all 
> CHARGED up, but what else?  Of course we won't know the adverse affects for 
> 10 years, but I would love to be using this now.  ellen

I read somewhere a couple of months ago that
there has been some reported skin irritation by some users. The process 
used to extract the glucose for measurement effectively breaks the skin's 
protective barrier to allow the glucose bearing fluid to escape. This is 
biologically unnatural and can also allow "other things" to get in. The 
result apparently is an irritated "site" where the patch is applied under 
the watch like device. As I recall, the article said only "some" users, 
not all. Apparently this is not enough of a problem to warrant attention 
by the FDA which would normally be concerned if something negative showed 
up in a trial.

Consider my comments hearsay at this point as I've been unable to find 
the source document.

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